craft: rope & pages bowl

Saw this idea on CraftGawker, from this blog.  Blogs like hers make me really realize how much I need to redesign mine. 🙂  It was a quick and easy craft.

photo 1-1She took a bowl that she didn’t like and covered it.  I didn’t have an extra bowl, so I used paper mache to cover the outside of a bowl that I like the shape of, then I removed the bowl and glued the rope to the outside.  Before I put the paper mache on, I covered the bowl with plastic wrap for easy removal.

photo 1photo 2On the inside, I recoated it with more pages and Mod Podge to get rid of the white gluey paste look that the paper mache paste leaves behind.  That left me with a nice smooth inside. (Sorry, Daniel Boone.)photo 3

Before gluing the rope on, I trimmed the top edge of the paper, and did a smooth edge by adding more Mod Podge, and folding scraps over the top edge of the bowl. photo 433photo 22My bowl was pretty large – I used about 40 feet of sisal rope.  You could do a smaller bowl and use a smaller diameter of rope or twine.  Fun and easy!  The longest part was waiting for the paper mache to dry.  (I was impatient and used a hair dryer.)   Mine is also a little bendable, since there’s no main structure inside, just paper, but I think it will be sturdy enough to last a while. Enjoy!

What would you use a bowl like this for?  Functional or decorative?


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