Today, I didn’t HAVE to do anything.
I mean, I had to take care of the kids, but I didn’t absolutely have to do anything.

My daughter and I did a craft, we cleaned up the house, took out the trash, watered plants and tidied up the garage.  I did a little design work while kids napped and watched a video.

My husband works full-time, so I can stay home with our kids and I don’t HAVE to work –  I can if I want to.  I didn’t have to go to the grocery store today, because he let me go last night… alone. 🙂  I didn’t have to clean the house over and over today after the kids un-cleaned it for me.  I know he enjoys a clean house, but he doesn’t give me the expectation that it has to be clean all the time.

It’s easy for me to get bitter when he’s at work: “Why isn’t he here to help me with these kids? They’re driving me crazy.  Or with this house? It’s a mess! Or giving the kids a bath and putting them to bed when he’s away on a trip?”  But then I remember, he’s away at work so those things really are all I have to do.  He leaves so I can stay.  I don’t have to wake up at 5am, get kids ready, backpacks ready, breakfast made, a business suit on, do my hair, put on my heels and grab a briefcase, drop off kids at daycare and rush off to a job for 8-9 hours to turn around and start all over again.

When I look around and consider: I am in a house with air-conditioning, groceries, a computer I can blog on, a TV my kids can watch, snacks for them to eat, a water hose in the backyard so they can play outside in the summer, a washer and dryer, a dog that drives me crazy but our daughter LOVES, toys coming out our ears… I realized how blessed I truly am that God has given me a great man who provides for us, who loves what he does and uses his gifts and talents, and how simple my life is, if I will just let it be.

I just have to love and care for my husband, our children and our home.  It’s a difficult job, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.  Thanks, babe, for making my job simple.


One thought on “thankful

  1. Yes, I’ve had to come to terms with my 2 health problems that prevent me from work and having kids (even adoption- can’t handle the stress). I am like you and have to be thankful for what I DO have. I can ride my bike during the day. I can go to morning Prayer service when everyone is at work. My life is definitely turning out different than I thought. I thought I would be the one putting on the heels and grabbing my briefcase- to be a lawyer. And have kids. That’s what I wanted. I’m still figuring out what God wants for me : ) Love, Sabrina

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