summer fun theme: camping


When I thought about the summer weeks that we need to fill, I knew I needed some ideas that would entertain (and hopefully teach) our kids.  Again, with the help of Google, it’s easy!  We decided to do theme weeks… which actually turned into theme days, because a 5-year old and 2-year old will only stay on each activity for 20-30 minutes, so we used all our ideas in one day.

Our first theme was camping!  Here’s what we did:
Pulled out our kid tent and pitched it in the living room.

Then we built an indoor campfire and “roasted” marshmallows on toothpicks. (Instructions: toilet paper tubes drawn to look like logs, tissue paper crumpled and wrapped at the base with a rubber band, glow sticks, and a red headlamp. Ta-Da!)




For dinner that night we all had hot dogs, so we ate a picnic in the living room in front of our tent.

At bedtime, we read stories and made stars and constellations on the ceiling, using strainers/colanders from the kitchen and flashlights.  Just hold the flashlight underneath the bowl of the strainer and point it at the ceiling.  Tons of dots of light!  I found that the metal vegetable steamer basket and the plastic colander with the large holes worked better than the metal strainers with the tiny holes.

Maybe we’ll do one theme per week, even if the activities only last one day.  I just know I can’t come up with 60 themes, or the funds, or the energy to do one per day… 🙂  Hopefully, more to come!


One thought on “summer fun theme: camping

  1. So I just now saw this… I just followed a link on your newest blog post… and THIS IS AWESOME! I seriously may try this as a date night. I mean… it’s awesome! and it’s too hot outside and mosquitos!? ew… yeah… Definitely going to try this!

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