good ol’ fashioned puppet show

When I was a kid, my best friend and I loved to tell stories.
We’d spend all afternoon setting up our toys to play, and we’d never actually get to play because our moms would tell us it was time to go home.

One evening, when my best friend was spending the week at our house, we decided to put on a puppet show with my little brother.  I think we were 9-10 years old and he was 5 or 6.


We hung two sheets over the accordion doors of my closet, made a backdrop from paper that we colored with crayons, and crammed 3 of us in that tiny closet to perform a puppet show for my parents.  I don’t recall the story that we told, but it involved a Cabbage Patch brand stuffed horse, a Mexican marionette and an Ernie puppet dressed to be the girlfriend.

Scan 1

Our daughter is quite the storyteller too.  When she plays with her animals, she narrates.  As in:
“Then, the dog said to the horse, ‘Let’s go to the park,’ he said.  Then the horse gasped and said, ‘The park! I love the park!,’ he said.”   As if she’s reading a book to herself as she plays.

So naturally, when I saw this idea on CraftGawker from this Etsy shop, I had to make one.  And little girl’s birthday was a few months away so that was the perfect excuse.  Here’s what we ended up with!  I made a few changes to the design… (maybe I’ll make a craft post on that with instructions.)



We gave it to her for her 5th birthday, and the stories have been flowing ever since.  This morning’s story involved this guy… Yes, that is the same horse.  20+ years later.  (and I didn’t prompt her to bring him out for a photo shoot, I promise.)


My husband thinks it’s crazy that I’ve saved toys for this long. (it is)
I say it’s for stuff like this that I saved them… watching my daughter do a puppet show with the same animals I did.

Here’s to many more stories to be told!



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