kindergarten (the pre-post)

I’ve been waiting for kindergarten since she turned 3. (since she turned “terrible twos” at age 3).  I couldn’t wait to get ready for her to go to school and to have time to myself.

Now it’s few weeks away, and yikes.  Okay… not just that I’ll drop my baby off at school and leave her there all day, every day, and I’ll probably cry every day the first week, and she’ll be in school for 13 years, then leave us and move away to college.

The bigger yikes is… now we have to get up and get moving and BE SOMEWHERE by 7:45 in the MORNING.

I love her.  Dearly.
She is NOT a morning person.
She eats her breakfast at snail speed, or doesn’t even care to.

I knew we’d have to work on our morning routine, so here’s the new chart that hangs below her light switch:

We started kindergarten bootcamp a few weeks ago.
So, two weeks into it, I was pleasantly surprised.  We managed to get ready each morning, about 10 minutes shy of when we should have been ready, so I figure if we give ourselves another 20 minutes, we’ll be on time!

What are your tricks for getting up and going in the morning with small children?  What time do you have to leave the house?


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