he knows me: craft weekend

My husband performs weddings for lots of former students, so beforehand we have the privilege of meeting with them for premarital counseling.  At one session, he asked the groom-to-be, “What are her needs?”

The groom gave the deer-in-headlights look. “Like, she needs to be provided for?…”

My husband answered, “Every woman needs to be provided for. But what does SHE need?  … Like, my wife NEEDS to be creative. She needs to makes things, or she’ll shrivel up.”

He knows me. 
That’s why the gift he gave me 2 weekends ago was so perfect.
At Mother’s Day, he gave me a card saying to reserve last weekend for something fun.

Over the next 3 months I started to wonder and put together a few pieces, but he kept it a surprise until the moment we were at the airport (going on a “romantic getaway”), when he checked me in and printed ONE boarding pass.

“Here you go. Have fun!  You can probably tell from the ticket where you’re going. ”

I looked, and it was what I suspected, but didn’t dare dream.  Wichita, Kansas. Craft Weekend at Meg Duerksen’s house.


If you don’t know what this is, you should follow her blog.  She has five kids, is crafty, and is real. And to make it even better, you have be invited to one of her weekends – by placing your name on her email waiting list, and then being randomly chosen.

What makes it even better?  My husband emailed her and put his name on the list…  A YEAR and a HALF ago!
Mine has been on there just as long, but his name got picked!

Even better?
He knows me enough to know that I would have wanted to have a friend with me.  So he sent her…


I sat in the Dallas airport by myself for over an hour wondering. Then she rounded the corner and we both said, “I’m so glad you’re here!”  (She was afraid  her husband was sending her to a weekend away by herself… ALL weekend.  Her husband knows her, too.)

We chatted all through the airport, and even ran into one of Meg’s best friends there. “You’re not heading to the craft weekend are you?  Meg is one of my best friends!”

When we got to Wichita, we had a 2 hour wait until the “craft van” would pick us up, so he had arranged for one of his students (who lives in Wichita) to pick us up and take us to a local coffee shop.  (yes, I know.  he’s awesome.)  To my surprise and excitement, when we got back to the airport, the ladies who picked us up for Craft Weekend were familiar to me.  I follow 2 blogs.  Count ’em… 2.  I decided I don’t have time for more than that.  One is Meg’s, the other is Ashley’s.

Ashley and her sister picked us up at the airport!  I was hoping… 🙂

Arriving at Meg’s house was so strange, a place so familiar from her blog, and there we were standing on her porch, browsing her house, and sleeping in the (cute!) beds there.  So weird, and fun, and a total blur.

I’ll let the pics speak for themselves.  We walked inside the house and introduced ourselves to the other ladies there.  We were greeted over and over with, “Ohhhhh, you’re the HUSBAND girls!”

You see, they all knew each other through emails, Instagrams and Facebook BEFORE they got there, but we didn’t know them.  Our husbands had told them not to contact us, but they took the time to send in all our info so the other girls could get to know us.  “The Husband Girls.”  They were all swooning.


These were our beds for the weekend.  So fun.


Our first crafts were the famous ruffled aprons.



New friends!


Happy place.





Meg was such a sweet hostess.  She took care of us, and not only that, her kids had just started school (one moved to college!).  Try cramming all that into one week!


These girls came and picked us up at the airport.  Ashley’s blog (on the right) is the only other one I follow, and I LOVED getting to know her and about her family.  She has such a sweet heart, and it was fun watching her interact with her sister there too.  What a duo!


We left the weekend, boarded the plane and commented to each other, “What just happened?  Was that real?”

As we were leaving and loading up in the van to go to the airport, the other ladies told us again, “Tell your husbands we think they are rock stars.”

Yes ladies, we know.


2 thoughts on “he knows me: craft weekend

  1. How fun! And what an amazing husband for getting this together for you!!!! You are just like your mom, in that you are both sooooo creative!!! I still remember a gingerbread house being brought over, after my “little accident”!!! Love you both!!!!

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