2 months later… and halloween

… and we’re back!  Some of the happenings around here lately.

This FACE.


How our living room looks every day.



Our latest kindergartener drawings.  This time it was the zoo.  L to R: Our daughter, a zebra, an elephant and a giraffe. Can you say precious? That elephant trunk gets me.


Daddy and Little Brother goofing around at the school’s Fall Festival.



Trick or Treating at Daddy’s Office… seriously, who else works somewhere this cool?  The whole office decorates by department.  One of my favorites?  The Monopoly board game, where you could be In Jail for a photo op!

Our princess, Rapunzel.  After telling her a ghost might be scary for the little kids… “Oh ooohkay, I’ll be Rapunzel, again.”



And Linus, with his cherished blue blankie.  This was the most obvious option for him – that thing goes everywhere with us.  And I mean, with a cute face like that, what can you do? (btw – $3 Walmart shirt and a Sharpie. Done!)




The Retail Dept made cupcakes too.  Double treats!



And, we made it home only eating one piece of candy each.  Now that’s a success!




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