potty training hall of fame

This past week has been absolutely magical,
and not for the reason you’d think.

I love my family, I love Thanksgiving, I love the food, I love the time off from school.  But the best part of our break was this:

We decided to potty-train Little Guy over the break because we didn’t have to be anywhere special and could just park it at home.  I gathered the usual supplies and set up in the kitchen, like we did with Round 1 for our daughter. (see here for round 1 advice)  However, he doesn’t sit still long enough to be sequestered to the kitchen, so we improvised.

photo 1

photo 3

photo 2

But… it was magical because… this…

photo 4s

photo 5s

By Day 3 he was telling us he needed to go, and by Day 4 (Thanksgiving Day, out of town!) he took himself to the bathroom.  My husband came around the corner to find him holding his jammies in his hand in just undies and saying, “I went potty.”  By Day 5-6 he woke up at 4am because he didn’t want to wet his nighttime diaper. “My teetee’s awake!  My teetee’s awake!”

And, done!  Potty-Training Hall of Fame.  This kid is the kind that they write about in books, and say, “It’s so easy, you just do Steps 1, 2 and 3 and they’re trained!”  This time anyway, that worked.

It’s a Christmas miracle. 🙂  Way to go, little buddy!


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