learning to be and do

A few weeks back I had a day all to myself with no kids, so I treated myself to a trip to the local antique store.  Is that a pregnancy craving… antique shopping?  Cause I have that.

Anyway, I found this fun little wood-framed window screen.  I didn’t know what he was for, but I needed to bring him home with me. 🙂

In the meantime, I found myself thinking about all the things I want our kids to know (practical stuff) and be (character stuff) so I was wanting to make some type of visual for them to remember our behaviors and virtues.

Hello, little window screen.


I decided to focus on 4 practical tasks each month, and one character quality per month, that I’m taking from Galatians and the fruit of the Spirit list.  With each “fruit,” I looked up a few words that describe it and put them as a definition (one that kids would understand).


On the crafty side, the screen is metal, so it was great for magnets. I covered the fronts of the magnets with fabric (glued) and made a little pocket that could hold the future cards.  The cards, I just printed on the computer and cut out.  Voila.

I’m hoping that this will encourage us to work on our character, as well as simplify our learning; we can still work on other behaviors, but we’ll be especially intentional to learn and work on these 4 practical skills, then move on to 4 more… and more independence!

What behaviors or skills would you include on a list for kids under the age of 10?  Also, if you’re interested in a pdf download of the cards I made, let me know!

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