dream job

This is the view when I’m lying in bed at night.


Marriage license, family photos, our wedding vows with a picture from when we were dating…

The other night, I realized that this particular picture frame is at least 13 years old.

How did I remember that?

Because, as not many people know, in college I studied to get a degree in architecture in order to go on and get a Master’s in 3D animation.  My dream job was to work at Pixar or Big Idea (Veggie Tales).    I remember that picture frame because I entered one of my 3D designs in an art competition, in that frame.  (I think I got 3rd place or something, I don’t remember.)

Back then, the frame would have looked like this…


That’s the guy I had in the frame before. (yes, I know… that pencil is HUGE.)


I can’t say that I don’t miss that dream every once in a while: when I wonder where I’d be today (California? eh… no thanks.), when I watch a Pixar movie, or a behind-the-scenes look at how they make movies, or when I see “Saving Mr. Banks” in the theaters and am reminded of how much I love Walter Disney.

But you see, I’ve always had 2 dream jobs.  The one in the frame 13 years ago, and the one in the frame right now.

I don’t have 3 full-length animated films to add to my resume, but I do have a photo that holds the 3 most precious things to me. (soon to be 4!)

Looking at that frame a few nights ago, I thought, “Would I trade those 3 people for the fame/money/whatever/whatever of making movies? (and spending all day in front of a computer?)”

My answer is there when I turn around from this computer…





The answer is no.
No… I wouldn’t trade it.



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