craft: bowtie & suspender onesie

Well, we have about 2 more months until Little Guy (baby #3) arrives.  I’ve never been big on the “take-home” outfit when you bring a newborn home from the hospital because:
1) The shirts they give you at the hospital are free.
2) Fancy outfits usually don’t fit babies, cost too much and they only wear them once.
3) They have that funny belly button thing going on, which makes fancy clothes difficult.

However, Third-Child-Syndrome is in full swing, and this little guy is getting the short end of the stick in so many other ways, that I thought he deserved at least one cool thing. So far his “room” is a changing table in Big Brother’s room and he’ll probably live in a Pack ‘N’ Play for a while.

I came across some blank white onesies that we never used with Big Brother, so I thought they needed to become Little Guy’s take-home outfit.  I found this tutorial online and there are TONS of these on Etsy and Pinterest… selling for $20 a PIECE!

photo 2

photo 3


I’m not a professional seamstress, so my version is way simplified and not exact… partially because I’m not a perfectionist when it comes to sewing, and because I still know he will probably only fit in them once and then I’ll pass them on to someone else.  I had the onesies already, and the ribbon, so my only cost was a 97 cent swatch of gray/black fabric and $2.50 for the snaps.



photo 5

But… they were fun to make!  And they’ll be worth the 2 photos that we’ll get of him in them… before he spits up or poops on them.  🙂

Ready for you to be here, Little Man!


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