craft: palette wood blanket rack

So, I had a leftover piece of palette from my palette wood hanging garden project, and I knew I wanted to make it into a blanket rack for the living room.


Finally did!  A little time consuming, but so easy!  The palette I had, had slats that were spaced out pretty well, so it made it great for this project – some palettes, the wood is too close together, so you’d have to take out every other one.


Basically, the work included sanding, sanding and more sanding to make sure there weren’t splinters or rough edges that could get caught in the fabric of the blankets!  Then I stained it with some leftover water sealer stain I had, and sprayed with a matte finish clear coat to give it an even more smooth surface.


That’s it!  Lean against the wall, hang blankets on it, and you’re done.

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