recipe: banana pops

This should hardly even be called a recipe.  It came home with my daughter in her school newsletter.  One of the few that I would actually try, because it has 2 ingredients. (Well, 3 if you add the chocolate syrup. 🙂 photo 1

Here’s what you need:
Bananas (half a banana for each person)
Vanilla Yogurt
Popsicle sticks
Wax paper or Foil

Instructions: (I love how simple this is…)
Cut banana in half.  Stick popsicle stick in banana. Dip in vanilla yogurt. (careful pulling your banana pop out of the yogurt – it could slide off of the stick and break! *see photo below)  Put on plate covered with foil or wax paper. Stick in freezer for 2+ hours.  If you wanna get really crazy, put chocolate on them too.  We couldn’t resist at least trying it!  Maybe next time I’ll try chocolate and peanut butter banana pops?

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

That’s it!  Enjoy!  We’ll be eating ours after dinner tonight.  What kind of fun summer snacks are you planning to do with your kiddos?


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