craft: crib mobile

So… third kid and we’ve never had a mobile over the bed.  They’re not necessary, but they’re cute, and I figured it would give Little Guy something to look at (when he can actually focus that far away), and it gave me something to do while I wait for his arrival. 🙂

These are so easy!  I did mine with wooden circles (because I had them), but you can also do them with paint swatch cards for cheaper and an even easier project.  It probably took me an hour or so, plus the hanging time.

I opted for the branch hanger (because it was FREE in the backyard) but you can use a wooden embroidery hoop if you want a cleaner look to it.

My easy steps:
Paint the wooden circles.
Drill two holes in each.

2014-05-28 12.21.00s
Thread twine through the circles.  Tie a knot at the bottom and then tie to the branch.

2014-05-28 12.23.58
Figure out how far down you want it to hang over the crib (I made sure that 6-9 month sitter could not reach it from the bed and pull it down on themselves, AND that we wouldn’t bump into it while trying to put baby in the crib.)

That’s it!  I used a tiny eye hook screwed into the ceiling to hold it up.  For me, it was FREE! – I already had all the supplies in my craft station.



I think we’re ready for this Little Guy.  Can’t wait to meet him!


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