summer “school”: week 1


In addition to Theme Days this summer, we’ll be doing summer school with the kids.


Goal #1: Keep our daughter fresh on all she learned in kindergarten, and to work on alphabets, colors and numbers for our 3-year old son.


Goal #2: Have something for our kids to do that’s planned/organized. 🙂  I’m choosing Tuesday and Wednesday as school days.  That gives us Monday off, and Thursday to prepare for Theme Day on Friday.


That’s at least 3 days a week where we have at least a 20-30 minute activity to do.  We just finished day two of summer school and I am loving having a planned activity!  Even if it’s just a few minutes, it’s a big deal to the kids, and after we finish, they are so happy to go play on their own and entertain themselves.


So, our schedule will be as follows:
Tuesdays – Our son will do alphabet/number puzzles or watch a Leap Frog video about letters and numbers.  Our daughter will illustrate and write a short story each Tuesday.  We’re planning to scan them all in and make a photo book online of her whole summer’s worth of stories!



Wednesdays – Creative learning day.  Paints, shaving cream, chalk… something fun!  Our daughter will work on math/numbers on Wednesdays, as well as have individual reading time.






That’s it!  Just a short activity to keep the summer moving.

Anybody out there have good ideas on creative ways to teach kids over the summer, with a little hint of fun? 🙂


3 thoughts on “summer “school”: week 1

  1. As a mom and teacher, my suggestion would be to have FUN with your kids over the summer, with a little hint of TEACHING. Relax. Enjoy. All of the rest will come naturally.

  2. But to that, I would add “paint toast.” Kids can paint with diluted food coloring bread, and it is some kind of pretty and fun when it comes out of the toaster!

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