summer theme day 1: crayon day

Started our theme days today.  Our first official Friday of summer!


We started with Crayon Day.  So easy; if you have crayons, wax paper and an iron (and a computer for the video) then you’re set!

First, we watched the Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood episode where they take a tour of the crayon factory. (on Amazon Prime, or you could probably find it on YouTube.  There’s also an old Mister Rogers where they take the same tour.)

Then we did the stained glass window/crayon shavings craft using all of our broken crayons, then colored pictures with our new crayons. 🙂


Disclaimer: Our kids are 6 and 3.  It’s messy to have them do the shaving themselves. 🙂 Do at your own risk. (metal pencil sharpeners work best – the plastic ones that come with crayon sets aren’t as good)






Staple a frame on it, punch a hole, and hang it like a stained glass window!


So easy and fun, and the kids had never done it before, so they loved it.  Next Friday, we’ll be doing Bug Day!  We’ll also have a newborn, so hopefully that’s an easy theme to pull off!

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