craft: garbage disposal pods

I’m a CraftGawker junkie. I’m not on Pinterest because all my time would be wasted there, and my kids and husband would never eat, and the laundry would swallow our house…

… But CraftGawker, yes.
The only problem is, I “favorite” hundreds of things and I don’t make half of them. So I created a bit of a rule for myself, that I actually have to make one every so often, before I can “favorite” any more of them.

So here’s one of them! I got this recipe (is it a recipe if it’s for soap?) from here.
It’s SO easy and I had all the stuff I needed! I hate seeing great ideas for projects, clicking the link,  then you have to go out and buy 4 different things, plus have 10 things on-hand already before you can start. This is NOT one of those. 🙂


Visit her blog for the recipe. I made my own label for a jar to make it a little prettier in my kitchen. (again, already had an old spaghetti jar, so why buy one?)  I also printed the recipe on the back of the jar label so I won’t have to keep looking it up online. 🙂

Enjoy a fresh smelling kitchen!

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