my daddy retires

This Friday, my dad will retire. I cannot say enough about how proud I am of the years of hard work he has put in, and how excited I am that he can now direct all of that energy to the things he really loves… and maybe even relax a little bit. 🙂

My dad went to West Point, served in the Army, became an Army Ranger, got married, had 4 kids, worked several jobs, and finally landed in his current job.  He has been there for just over 28 years.

Congratulations dad!  You’ve earned a well-deserved break.  And it means that you can come visit whenever you want now. 🙂

In view of my dad’s retirement, here are 28 things that I love about my dad.

He is gentle, but firm.
He makes a point to tell me that he’s proud of me – every time I see him.
He does everything with integrity.
He wakes early in the morning to spend time in the Word… And with coffee.
He has been faithful to his wife for over 40 years.
He raised 3 men who know how to treat a lady, and a lady who knows what to look for in a man.
He tells me, “I love you, doll” on a regular basis.
He has worked hard for 35 years to provide for his family, without complaining.
He loves my kids.
He invests in my husband, and loves him too.
He spends time investing in the lives of other men.
He cooks for my mom.
He joins my mom in pouring into young marriages and families.
He has been a “student” of my mom, learning what she loves and what makes her happy.
He has been a faithful servant in their church for 30+ years.
He loves to work with his hands; he taught me how to use a table saw.
He was a daddy to all my little friends growing up, and still invites them to come over and visit even though we’re grown.
He spent Sunday nights at AWANA when we were growing up, teaching my brothers to memorize Scripture.
He built us a sandbox and a fort when we were kids, and built memories with it.
He lived next door to a grumpy neighbor for 20 years and taught us how to be patient with someone.
He and my mom worked hard in jobs, rental properties, and side jobs to provide us with everything we needed.
He is never too old to learn something new.
He taught me how to fill up my car with gas the first time, and even to change my oil. (which I forgot)
He has a good sense of humor.
He and my mom paid for my first car, my college education, and our wedding, and in doing so set us up for a financially successful marriage.
He is patient.
He is a peacemaker.
He loves Jesus.
I love you, daddy.  Thanks for being a great example of all these things, and more.

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