craft getaway weekend

Matt and I made it a goal to give each other a weekend away each year to do whatever we’d like.

This year, I chose to host a Craft Getaway weekend at our house.  I did it several years ago, and it’s one of my favorite things.  And it always ends up being with some of my favorite people.  (okay, and favorite food… and of course, crafts.)

Bestie Lacey got to come help host – she’s the hostess with the mostest.  I love sharing a mutual gift of hospitality with her. (yay Lacey)

Blah blah blah… if you’re interested in coming to the next one (sometime whenever that is) I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.  It was an ultimate blast of treats, crafts, great friends, pajamas, girlie movies, yummy food, homemade cheesecake, good convos, antique shopping and did I mention good food?



Cheesecake. Yes please. With a side of Miss Congeniality.IMG_0145_s

Craft 1: Tote Bags


Craft 2: Reclaimed Wood Signs


Craft 3: Hand Stamped Jewelry



A little shopping before dinner…


So, if your napkin comes with a button hole in it, is it just for decoration or is it for making a bib?  Any etiquette experts out there?


… and sweet friends donated their goodies for our SWAG: the best decorated sugar cookies you’ll ever eat (and cute too!) compliments of Cay Bolin, and cutie cute hand-painted, hand-lettered signs by Lori Redfearn at Letters by Lori (check her out on Instagram).  Thank you so much, ladies, for contributing to our weekend!


Lace – thanks for hosting with me!

Suz – thanks for coming all the way from Africa just for this.

Carrie – thanks for sharing your peg people talents with us!
(Check her out on Instagram at Jubliee Pegs!)

Until next time, my ladies. I cherished each moment!

food: frozen yogurt dots

Need a fun snack idea for kids that’s more fun than another piece of string cheese? 

Take a tub of yogurt, any flavor. Fill a small plastic baggie, close it and snip off the corner. Squeeze small dots of yogurt onto a cookie sheet covered with foil. Put in the freezer. Wait.  

If your kids are old enough, they can do it themselves and it becomes an activity (aka time killer. What?) too. 

Peel the dots off of the foil and serve in a small cup or bowl and voila! 

Healthy finger food snacks for the kids – we did ours with vanilla this time, which pretty much tastes like vanilla ice cream, so they think they’re getting away with having dessert for snack. Just eat them before they melt! 

Enjoy!  Do you have any easy 1-2 step snacks that are quick to prepare and yummy? 

craft: laundry room layout

So, I don’t like doing laundry. (or dishes for that matter)  So, I’ll do anything I can to make it better.  That includes making the laundry room, albeit small, a happy place to look at.

I  saw this idea of hanging a ladder for drip-dry laundry items, so I immediately called my antique-barn-sale friend to see if she had any for sale.  Awww, too bad.  She did. 🙂  We needed to solve the problem of our drip dry clothes hanging from the doorway; one of the things I love about our house design is that our master closet has a sliding door that leads to the laundry room.  However, it makes a bad spot for hanging clothes because it’s a walkway.

I  found these free printables on CraftGawker a while back, and the idea for the “laundry” sign on Etsy and already had the materials to make one, so those were a quick afternoon projects.

I originally wanted to hang the ladder from the ceiling like all the photos I had seen, but my hubby wasn’t too keen on all the clothes hanging over our heads in that same walkway, so after much brainstorming, this was the solution.  I had to be careful to hang the ladder high enough, and the vintage printables had to be hung with stick-on adhesives rather than nails because the sliding door recesses into the wall behind the ladder.

2016-01-13 11.53.34

2016-01-13 11.53.522016-01-13 11.54.40

I hinged the ladder in the studs above the doorway, and drilled a hole in the back of the ladder to insert a pole to hold the ladder out away from the wall. (I used a bamboo paint-roller extension pole from Lowe’s).  I also put felt pads on the bottom corners of the ladder to keep it from scratching the paint when it’s let back down from the upright position.

2016-01-13 11.55.132016-01-13 11.55.00

I’m really happy with the ladder solution.  It’s great as a decorative element most of the time, and only gets pulled out when we need to hang a few garments.  Good compromise.

Someday, I think I’d like to paint the walls a fun color, but for now, this makes doing laundry a little less painful.

craft: wooden spool table

So, I really wanted to make a clock out of a wooden cable spool. Voila – new construction down the street, and there, stacked on top of a pile of pallets by the dumpster, a wooden spool. Perfect size.

2015-02-06 12.02.44

Brought that guy home.

Then it sat for a few weeks while I decided that our home didn’t actually need any more clocks. But I remembered seeing something like this on a blog one time.

So my little man helped me take it apart, sand it and put it back together.

2015-02-06 12.06.50

Both the big kids helped paint the sides, we attached some wheels, and done!  I love that it was originally constructed with the metal screw rods inside the wooden spool (we removed half of the wooden supports) so we could use the rods for book props underneath.  They love it!  It’s just their size.  We already had the chairs, and I already had the paint, so the whole project was $4.97 for the caster wheels on the bottom.  I love those kinds of projects. 🙂

Now I’m realizing that our playroom does need a clock, so I guess I’ll have to go find another spool. 😛

antique door farmhouse table

3 years ago, I went to Canton, TX.  If you live nearby and have never been, well, go.

I drove there in my husband’s little green Honda Civic, which I thought would mean that I wouldn’t purchase anything large.


Years before, a friend said, “Someday, I want to make a kitchen table out of an old door.”  That stuck in my mind… so naturally, when I was in Canton and came across a stack of old antique doors, I couldn’t just walk by.  And then I saw it… he was so beautiful, I had to have him.

A dark wood, 5-paneled, old pocket door with an oval brass handle.  I mean, I couldn’t just leave him there.  … And the dream of the kitchen table, right?  So, I made a quick phone call to the husband, “Hey, I want to buy this door… and make a table out of it. It’s only $30.  I could maybe pay for it now, and come back tomorrow to pick it up with a truck?”

To which he answered (like my awesome husband does), “Sure, whatever you want sweetie.”  Followed by, “I just don’t want it to become an unfinished project that sits in our garage forever.” (he knows me too well)

So I bought that little guy.  And rather than come back the next day, I folded down the seat in that little Honda Civic, stuffed my “future table” through the trunk, hanging out the back of the car, tied it down, and took him home like a true East Texas country girl.

And it sat in our garage for 3 years.
Now, to my credit, I didn’t actually start the project, so that means it wasn’t unfinished, right?
It was just a door… that sat in our garage for 3 years.
I tried it in our kitchen – it was rectangular; our space was square.
My husband said, “I think it’s too narrow to have two people sit across from one another.”

I don’t know how many times I set it up in our garage on saw horses over the years, just to see if it would actually work.


He looked pretty, but he just never fit in our house quite right.

Fast forward 3 years, and we moved to a new house.  Is it dumb to say that I considered the size of the kitchenette in our floor plan to see if my door table would fit? 🙂

After considering tons of other tables that we could purchase, I knew that this was still the one that would make me happy.  And my husband said, “Do what you want.  Get the table that makes you happy.
Thank you, for giving me the freedom to do something that seemed so silly at the time.  (I even cried about it… sheesh)

I bought the chairs, bench, and table legs at the unfinished furniture store.



We had stain leftover from the cabinets in our new house, so we used that to match the door and the seats.


Isn’t it lovely?



The most exciting step for me – putting the legs on. It started to look like an actual table.


And there you have it.  After 3 years of waiting, and 2 weeks of sanding, staining, painting, sealing, drying, screwing, buying glass inserts… there it is!


I LOVE it.
I’m so glad I decided to go ahead with it.  And that hubby encouraged me to do it.


It has so much character.

table_doneedge table_donehandle

It makes me happy every time we use it.
So, I don’t mind cleaning crumbs out from under the glass, or wiping it 3 times a day, or whatever.
I’d have to say, it’s one of my favorite DIYs that I’ve ever done.  And it’s useful too. 🙂

So come on over and enjoy a meal with us, or a game night, or a crayon-coloring session with our kids. We’re saving you a seat!

What about you?  Do you have something that you always wanted to do, and then finally got around to finishing?

craft: garbage disposal pods

I’m a CraftGawker junkie. I’m not on Pinterest because all my time would be wasted there, and my kids and husband would never eat, and the laundry would swallow our house…

… But CraftGawker, yes.
The only problem is, I “favorite” hundreds of things and I don’t make half of them. So I created a bit of a rule for myself, that I actually have to make one every so often, before I can “favorite” any more of them.

So here’s one of them! I got this recipe (is it a recipe if it’s for soap?) from here.
It’s SO easy and I had all the stuff I needed! I hate seeing great ideas for projects, clicking the link,  then you have to go out and buy 4 different things, plus have 10 things on-hand already before you can start. This is NOT one of those. 🙂


Visit her blog for the recipe. I made my own label for a jar to make it a little prettier in my kitchen. (again, already had an old spaghetti jar, so why buy one?)  I also printed the recipe on the back of the jar label so I won’t have to keep looking it up online. 🙂

Enjoy a fresh smelling kitchen!

summer theme day 4: ocean day

Last week was Ocean Day.  We kept it simple and stuck to the easy outline: cardboard box for a boat, magnet fishing poles, paperclip fish and Goldfish crackers for a snack.  My mom is a teacher, and she had some great resources for learning about ocean life too, so we got a bonus there.  Thanks, mom!





It’s been understandably more difficult to get a theme day done with a newborn in the house – no more schedule; we just fit it in whenever we can.  But, it has been really nice to have activities already planned out, along with snacks and a supply list, so we always have something to fall back on when the kids are getting antsy.

If you could do a theme day, what would you do?


summer theme day 3: bob the builder day

Well, we’ve done two more theme days, but are just now getting around to posting them. (I wonder why…)

The third one was Bob the Builder Day.  I didn’t take many pics, but we spent the day watching Bob the Builder, teaching the kids how to use a hammer and nails and screwdriver, and then for snack we built fun structures out of marshmallows and toothpicks!




He wanted to make a stoplight for his cars.  What a creative little guy!


Next up… Ocean Day!


summer theme day 2: bug day

Bug Day was the first theme day we did after baby arrived, so I’m glad it was an easy one! (baby pics to come soon)

Thanks to the Target Dollar Aisle (we’ll be there a lot this summer) we had a mesh bug container and some magnifying glasses to hunt for bugs in the backyard.  They might still be at Target if you look this week!





We searched the backyard and found two beetles, so one of our activities for the afternoon turned into searching online for what type of beetles they were, and drawings pictures of them.  Fun and free!



Then we made paper butterflies.  Clothespin, construction paper and markers.  Just color patterns on the paper, accordion-fold, and cut into the shapes of wings. Done!


Then after dinner, we surprised the kids with special “bug dessert.”  The old standard, dirt and worms in a cup!



Side note: her eyes.  Daddy is gonna have to watch out for all the boys…

I have to say, I LOVE having activities planned ahead of time.  It took a little bit of time on the front end, but simply having a 20-30 minute activity each day keeps us from going crazy.  The kids are happier and I’m more patient with them.  And it forces me to take the time to spend with them and do kid things.  No laundry, no dishes.  Just play.

I highly recommend it!



summer theme day 1: crayon day

Started our theme days today.  Our first official Friday of summer!


We started with Crayon Day.  So easy; if you have crayons, wax paper and an iron (and a computer for the video) then you’re set!

First, we watched the Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood episode where they take a tour of the crayon factory. (on Amazon Prime, or you could probably find it on YouTube.  There’s also an old Mister Rogers where they take the same tour.)

Then we did the stained glass window/crayon shavings craft using all of our broken crayons, then colored pictures with our new crayons. 🙂


Disclaimer: Our kids are 6 and 3.  It’s messy to have them do the shaving themselves. 🙂 Do at your own risk. (metal pencil sharpeners work best – the plastic ones that come with crayon sets aren’t as good)






Staple a frame on it, punch a hole, and hang it like a stained glass window!


So easy and fun, and the kids had never done it before, so they loved it.  Next Friday, we’ll be doing Bug Day!  We’ll also have a newborn, so hopefully that’s an easy theme to pull off!