We had 2 big wedding weekends in September.
4+ hours of driving to get to each of them… with 2 small kids.  In hotel rooms.

So, at the first wedding in Austin we had to find something to do to get the wiggles out.

Thank you, Austin Children’s Museum.  One of the best that I’ve been to so far.

Best idea ever.  Sink with beans and peas and measuring containers.  We should do this at home.  Hours of fun!They made us lunch in the play kitchen.  It looked like a set from a cooking show.  Pretty cool.And instead of standing on the floor and playing with the dollhouse, he just wanted to climb the table and sit next to it.  And these were only 1/10th of the activities they had there.  It’s huge!

Then, we had lunch with a good friend who lives in Austin.  She recommended Freddie’s because it has outdoor seating and a playground for kids.  Win.

She found some friends while we ate… just so happens they were ALL boys.Finally, the wedding!  I didn’t get many shots of it, but the venue was beautiful!  Outdoor, perfect weather, and the reception was lovely.  Here’s a peek of the outside venue.  Ponds, rivers, bridges, rock pathways… a kid’s dream when it comes to having to sit still during a wedding. Best of all… they served pizza at the reception!  Yes, pizza.  Why didn’t we think of that?
Next, I guess I’ll highlight the Houston wedding.  Tis the Season!

new blog

So, I finally got around to it.
I’ve been saying that I wanted to do this for a long time. I’m really excited about where this could go, and I am really excited about having other moms/daughters/women contribute to it.

If you are a girl, then you’re a daughter, so it applies to you.
And if you’re a mom, you either have a daughter or your son might marry one, one day. 🙂

Anyway… Here it is!

And yes… that is my actual diary from middle school.  Plastic with ice cream cones.  Yes.

yogurt jesus

So glad we’re getting a proper grasp on theology these days.  Tonight’s conversation went like this…

“Mom, tell me the story about grace again, where the people were far far away…”

So I proceed to tell her about Adam & Eve, sin, how they were far away from God, and that He wanted them to be close to Him again, so He sent Jesus to die on the cross and pay the penalty (or as I phrased it, “get the whopper”) for us so we could be close to God again.

Then I tell her, “And maybe someday, when you understand about how you disobey and do things wrong, then you’ll…”   Interrupted… “… then you’ll tell Jesus how sorry you are, and that you believe that He died to forgive you so you can be close to Him again.”

Her response:  “Yeah.  So maybe when I wake up in the morning, like 2 o’clock, then I could wake up and maybe He would eat breakfast with me.  And maybe I could share my yogurt with Him.”

Yes.  Sharing is good too.

glowstick jesus

She wanted to read Winnie the Pooh’s Christmas before bed tonight.  I humored her.
Then I asked if she wanted to sing a Christmas song.  I suggested Joy to the World (“no”), Angels We Have Heard on High (“no”), so I asked, “What do you want to sing?”

“Let’s sing the Jesus is Born song… Do you know that one?”
“No sweetie, why don’t you sing it?”
(Singing) “Jesus is born, and Sons of Earth.  Give Him a bottle when He’s thirsty.  Give Him a glowstick in his bed so He can see in His bed… (we sometimes give her one) … Wait, wait, this one starts with drums. (taps on the bed railing with her glowstick and starts again…) Jesus is born… ”

Tell me you can come up with a better Christmas song than that, and I’ll… give you your very own glowstick. 🙂

first day

Preschool.  How did this happen?

I am so proud of her.
I can’t believe how big she is.

I was wishing for the day when she’d go away to school so I’d have more time to “myself.”
Now, I’m realizing this is the last year I’ll have her (somewhat) at home with me, then she’ll be in school for the rest of her growing life.

We’ve gotta make this year count.


It was about time we did a craft that had to do with the Olympics.
I just bought a HUGE pack of construction paper.  It’s a tragedy that we didn’t have one before.  How did that happen?

So basically, we made everything we could think of out of construction paper.

I think our Olympic flag with the wobbly rings should be the logo for the next Olympics… maybe when it comes to Texas?

neighbors & cuties

Last night we had a bachelorette party for one of my best friends.
My husband happens to work at a place where your co-workers are actually your best friends, and sometimes even your roommates.

Tell me this isn’t a cute house full of girls!

They all work together and live next door to us in our rent house.  Jenn (in the middle) works as the Associate Director for my hubby.  She’s getting married in 2 months (!!) and is moving to LA.  So sad about losing a neighbor, co-worker and best friend, but so happy for her and her groom-to-be.

What other organization has employees that want to spend time together outside of work?  And would want to live together?  And are this cute?

And aren’t we lucky to live next door to them?  🙂

love – part 2

I also love this guy a lot.
Here’s hubby teaching in Israel.  Cool job. I know, right?

1. I love that he is a man of the Word.
2. I love that he loves to teach it.
3. I love that he has a passion for the Holy Land, its culture and its people
4. I think he is hot.

So, all in all, one of my new favorite pictures.


Our neighbor came to the door a while back to drop something off, and informed us that we had a friend on our cherry tomato plant by the front door.

Turns out we had 3 friends.

I thought our plant was almost through for the season, so I let them enjoy it.  Turns out, it probably would have lasted much longer if I’d evicted them, but they were fun to watch.

Fun fact: they would only eat half of each tomato and then move on.  Weird.

They were certainly fat and happy when they left.  And they did leave – I’m hoping they went on to become beautiful moths somewhere, so all those leaves and tomatoes weren’t eaten in vain. 🙂


Took a trip to the Fort Worth zoo today.
It was little guy’s first time to the zoo, and considering that it was during naptime, he did really well.

Watching the primates…His favorite was the meerkats. 🙂My favorite is the giraffes.  Don’t you just love how they have to spread out their legs to get their necks down to the water?For $6, we could all take a 4-5 minute train ride back to the zoo entrance.  We were on our way out, and it was well worth not having to walk back in the Texas humidity. 🙂  Plus, it was the first train ride for both kiddos. (not counting the one inside a toy store where she screamed the whole time)  They loved it!(This (above) is what we affectionately call the “froggie face.” 

What a fun, perfect day.  Cloudy from the morning rain so we didn’t bake… finished off with a train ride and an ice cream cone.  So blessed.