diy sidewalk chalk paint

Mornings at our house are for planned activities and playtime. I find that if I invest just 30 minutes of playtime with my little people, and engage with them in the morning, they are much more content to play independently later in the day. 

So our first official activity of the summer is our old staple: chalk paint. Want the easiest “recipe” ever? Here you go: 

– Chalk (Dollar Tree – $1 for 12. We only used about 4 today = 33 cents) The bolder the chalk color the better. 

– Water

That’s it’s. Really. 

Now, you also need ziploc bags and a hammer, but really, that’s it. We use recycled Cool Whip containers to hold our paint, and cheapo paintbrushes from Walmart, and reuse them over and over. 

Smash chalk in ziploc bags with a hammer. (An activity in itself) Pour chalk dust in container. Add water slowly to make a thick soupy paste. Done. 

This is one of my favorite summer things. It’s so fast, the kids can pretty much manage it all by themselves (as long as no one gets out of control with the hammer) and the mess is all outside and washable. We always have chalk and water on hand so it’s an easy one to pull out of your back pocket when you run out of stuff to do!  Enjoy!  Let me know how yours turns out. 

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